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Before and After: Rainbow & Glacier Portrait

Hiking in Patagonia was a dream! This picture was taken towards the end of our trek on a short hike to a viewpoint of Glaciar Grey. On this trail, there are two long bridges that really made it a treat. Here I am on the 1 kilometer bridge with a fabulous view of the Lago Grey and Glaciar Grey – and we were SO lucky to have a rainbow appear!


The background is over exposed, eliminating the detail and color of both the glacier and rainbow.


Using Adobe Lightroom, I dropped the exposure just a tad which made a huge difference (the benefits of shooting in RAW!). I also decreased the contrast and highlights to bring out the natural bright blue of the glacier. I used the brush tool to select the rainbow, where I upped the saturation and played around with clarity, dehaze and the colors to make it more prominent. I also increased the luminance of orange ever so slightly to give my skin and hair a nice glow.

LRM_EXPORT_20180109_150310 (1).jpg

Camera: Fuji Film XT-2 with a wide angle lens
Format: RAW
Editing software: Adobe Lightroom

I learned that rainbow shots are tricky! Do you have any favorite rainbow photos? Share in the comments below!

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Before and After: Coche Clasico in Havana

I want to do something new with the blog and share photo edit features. So here it goes! This is a view of American classic car taxis in front of the Gran Teatro (Grand Theater) in Havana, Cuba (check out my last post for more about Cuba!).

Edits: Used Adobe Photoshop Elements to brighten sky and shadows and removed some people in background

Camera: Fuji Film XT-2