Summer in Spain: Granada

After an inappropriately long time of not updating the blog, I’m back! I have some exciting trips planned for 2017 that I want to write about. But first, let me finish giving you highlights of my Spain trip. In my latest post, I told you about my time in Sevilla, now I’ll share my experience in Granada, another beautiful city in Andalusia, Spain.

Here are the highlights…

  1. Tapas! Spain is famous for tapas, right? But did you know that every time you order a drink in Granada, you get complementary tapas? I think this is heaven on earth. Bodegas Castañeda (for vermouth and sangria) and Los Diamantes (for tinto de verano and fried seafood) were our favorite spots for drinks and tapas.
  2. Alhambra. It think this goes without saying, if you’re visiting Granada, plan to spend an entire day exploring the gorgeous gardens and plazas of Alhambra, meaning red castle in Arabic. The mix of Muslim and Christian influences are beautiful. We had trouble getting tickets, so I HIGHLY recommend buying them in advance.
  3. We spent an evening wandering Sacromonte, a traditional neighborhood in Granada. We walked the narrow roads and admired the beautiful white homes. We made our way to Mirador de San Nicolas for a gorgeous sunset view of Alhambra. I took a picture with my iPhone 4 which does nothing for the picturesque, emotional view.
  4. Alcaiceria Market was a fun day activity. The narrow street is crowded with leather goods, spices, teas and textiles overflowing from small shops. After spending the day shopping for unique goods, we took a break for Arabic tea.


  5. Dessert: Los Italiano’s for Cassata Ice Cream (I hear Michelle Obama visited here while she was in Spain) and THE. BEST. SWEET. EVER: Piononos. Piononos have changed my life and I wish I could find them in the U.S. They are sweet, rich, delicious cake rolls with a creamy topping and I need them back. We also had a unique experience of purchasing a box of cookies from nuns of Monasterio de San Bernado. This is something I’ll never have the chance to do again. You ring a bell and wait for a nun to greet you and trade a couple Euros for a box of delicious cookies.

    Those a just a few highlights of an amazing three days in Granada. This city is gorgeous and friendly – one that I would love to visit again.

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    View of the moon and Alhambra while walking the streets of Granada