Before and After: Seally Beach

Excuse my inappropriate pun. 🙂 Funny? No… OK.

Here’s another before and after photo editing experiment. The photo is of a California Sea Lion basking in the sun at La Jolla Cove. These are actually different pictures – I saved over the original, unfortunately. I wanted to show you how I cropped the photo, tilted the horizon straight and played with tint, shadows, highlights and saturation to make it a more vibrant and eye-catching photo.

This was last weekend at La Jolla Cove. Check out the full post of my weekend here!

Sea Lion on California Beach - La Jolla Cove

After Edits


Before Edits

Camera: Fuji Film XT-2 Editing: Adobe Lightroom

I tend to be a bit heavy-handed on the saturation with my editing style. I may have overdone it a bit with this one, but practice makes perfect. What can I say? I love bright colors and want them to pop in my photos. Do you have any feedback on my editing techniques? What’s your favorite editing style (for example, mine is bringing out colors)? Tell me in the comments below!


Before and After: Coche Clasico in Havana

I want to do something new with the blog and share photo edit features. So here it goes! This is a view of American classic car taxis in front of the Gran Teatro (Grand Theater) in Havana, Cuba (check out my last post for more about Cuba!).

Edits: Used Adobe Photoshop Elements to brighten sky and shadows and removed some people in background

Camera: Fuji Film XT-2