Summer in Spain: Málaga

Our last stop in Andalusia before heading to Barcelona was the wonderful city of Málaga, and birthplace of Pablo Picasso. My travel buddy and I weren’t sure what to expect here, but it ended up being a lovely addition to our Spain trip. Compared to the other cities we visited, we took a more relaxed pace here and spent most of the time on the beach. These are some of my favorite parts…

  1. Museo Picasso Málaga. There was a Picasso museum in most of the other cities we visited, but the others weren’t in the birthplace of the artist. I ended up loving this museum more than expected. I highly recommend doing the audio tour as it tells a great story about Picasso’s life and the art displayed.
  2. Mirador del Gibralfaro is an uphill walk well worth the view! From the viewpoint you can see the coast and city. You also have an aerial view of the Plaza del Torros. If you look closely in the photo below you can see a bull in the arena.

    View from Mirador del Gibralfaro. See the bull?


    We passed by ancient Roman ruins on our walk from the hostel

  3. Málaga is also known for a wine by the same name. It’s a fortified sweet wine made from Pedro Ximénez and Moscatel grapes. I personally loved the dessert wine. We bought a few bottles and took them back to our hostel to enjoy on the patio.
  4. I have to mention our hostel, Feels Hostel City Center, as it was my favorite lodging during our time in Spain. It was such a friendly and lively crowd staying there, the staff was hospitable and the location was wonderful. It was a close walk to the cathedral, beach, Roman ruins, Picasso museum and many restaurants and shops.
  5. The beach. This was the middle of August in hot, humid Spain for two weeks. So yeah, we spent most of our days on the beach which makes this a short post. We saved money in this city by buying groceries for a few days and preparing food at the hostel or bringing a picnic to the beach.

    More of Spain:



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