seattle farmers public market

Birthday Celebration in Seattle, Washington

Last fall I went to Seattle, Washington with my mom to celebrate my birthday. Despite the stereotype of Seattle, and the Pacific Northwest in general, we didn’t see a drop of rain.

We stayed in a downtown hotel walking distance to Pike Place Market which I fell completely in love with. In fact, we spent most of our time there. While walking by fresh fish, gorgeous $10 flower bouquets and local honey, I couldn’t help but day dream what life would be like shopping or working at the market every day.

From Pike Place Market, we walked to the Seattle Great Wheel which provided a fun ride and beautiful views of the sea and city. And of course, as a first-time visitor, I took the 520 foot ascent to the Space Needle observation deck for an even bigger view. It was a quick and cheap monorail ride from the area we were staying – we never had to move our car from the hotel parking garage. Oh, and this may go without saying, but I highly recommend going about an hour or so before dusk so you can see the day and night views.

Next time I visit Seattle, I want to check out some local restaurant and coffeehouse treasures. Any recommendations? Leave them in a comment. 



  1. Hi Megan, thanks for the follow! Lovely pictures of beautiful Seattle here. Glad to hear you enjoyed your trip.

  2. What a great collage! Beautiful photos of one of my favorite Seattle places. There’s always a surprise waiting in one of those stalls. It looks like a lovely way to spend time with your mom. Love the skyline shots!

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